Susan Crismaswood

"I'm inspired by the natural world, seeking to communicate its essence rather than replicate an image in detail.
My aim is simply to capture light and mood."

To me, the memory of a scene is far more interesting than the detail. What is important is how the mood, light and atmosphere affects me.

To capture an image that inspires me, I use observation, photography and my memory and later reference these in my studio to produce a painting that reflects the complex spirit of nature.

My paintings are produced on hand primed board or canvas. I prefer to paint in oils because the colours and texture are so rich, they help me to achieve the soft dream like quality that I aspire to in my work.

Susan Crismaswood


From her early years, Susan always had a passion for the arts.

Some of her inspiration comes from her life experiences and locations. Having been born and raised in the UK, Susan moved to Bermuda aged 20, planning to stay for just six months, but this turned into 15 years!

She then moved to another Island, this time Jersey in the British Channel Islands. Certainly the beauty of the sea and being fortunate to live in exceptionally lovely places has influenced her work.

Although Susan has painted her entire life, she became a professional artist via a convoluted route, which included another career as a lawyer! In 2006 she was able to dedicate herself fully to her creativity and attend Art college.

Since then Susan has worked with artists and sculptors in England, Jersey, Bermuda and Italy, being thankful to them all, for generously sharing their skill and knowledge with her.

Susan has exhibited in Jersey, France and Italy.

She currently lives in Jersey, British Channel Islands.